MISSION: Work to ensure that hockey is inclusive, supportive, and welcoming to all.

The Carnegie Initiative (The CI), named in honor of legendary hockey player and social justice pioneer Herb Carnegie, was created to ensure opportunity and access to hockey everywhere. Co-founded by Bernice Carnegie and Bryant McBride, and in conjunction with leading academic institutions, The CI aims to accelerate the work started by Herb Carnegie more than 50 years ago to make hockey more diverse and inclusive.

In short, with the help of our partners and supporters, The CI aims to change the culture of hockey.

Our Founders:

Bernice Carnegie

My name is Bernice Carnegie, and in the 1930s, 40s and 50s, my late father, Herb Carnegie, was an anomaly in semi-pro hockey. As recounted in thousands of articles, books and documentaries, this black trailblazer had an outstanding 17-year career in semi-pro hockey playing on predominantly all-white teams. Like the title of his autobiography, he was “A Fly in a Pail of Milk.” Was racism a factor back then? It sure was!

We invite you to follow Herb Carnegie’s lead by supporting the goals of The CI project that aim to pass the puck forward to build a hockey legacy that strives to unify humanity through initiatives that foster inclusion and acceptance.

Bryant McBride

Hi. My name is Bryant McBride. I’m the Co-Chairman of The Carnegie Initiative. The Carnegie Initiative was built to grow the game of hockey; to increase the acceptance and belonging in the game. I got the opportunity to play at a very young age and it changed the trajectory of my life. It’s an opportunity that all kids should get — Kids of all backgrounds , all colors, all differences.

The game is an opportunity to learn how to win, to learn how to lose, to learn how to overcome obstacles. It’s a great equalizer for kids of all ages of all backgrounds. And every opportunity that we get to accelerate that growth, that acceptance, is something that we’re going to pursue. We welcome your help in doing that. Thank you again for supporting The Carnegie Initiative and we look forward to working with you.

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