Trailblazer Winner Continues to Pave Way

Trailblazer Winner Continues to Pave Way


Stephane Friday, one of seven recipients of the inaugural Herbert Carnegie Trailblazer Award (HCTA) in January, continues his inspiring work to expand opportunities in hockey for Indigenous players. He, and his partner Abigail Linklater are the co-founders of Hockey Indigenous website.

They are in the exploration stage of creating a new national hockey tournament for Indigenous players aged 18 to 20. Read the full story via link below.

Friday was honored by The Carnegie Initiative with an HCTA for using his platform to motivate, boost self-esteem and create a healthy and versatile lifestyle by participating in hockey. He also helped launch the Choose Life program in Kashechewan First Nation in Northern Ontario, Canada that provides immediate funding relief for youth at risk of suicide.

Photo: Friday received his HCTA from Rane Carnegie, grandson of Herb Carnegie, at the Hockey Hall of Fame on January 20, 2023.

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